A Look at Microsoft’s Surface Computer V.2


Microsoft Surface General Manager Panos Panay showed us a preview of the next version of Surface at CES, called the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. This matured device runs on Embedded Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and has a new technology in the screen that allows for 2 million sensors (rather than optical cameras) alongside the pixels in the display. This means more touchpoints than you have fingers or friends, no more box under the display so now you can actually sit at it like a table. The display has full HD resolution and is 40 inches, just the right size if you need to reach across to the other side.

This version of Surface can be mounted to a wall. An AMD Athlon X2 245e 2.9Ghz Dual Core drives the machine with a Radeon HD 6750 1GB for the GPU. All of this is built right in to the device.

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