An home made multi-touch screen

Ever wanted to have your very own Microsoft Surface at home, but don’t want to pay the high cost of entry? No problem, just make your own!.

This multitouch table screen, dubbed the MTbiggie, is the work of Seth Sandler. Seth has been working on similar projects for a couple of years now, and with this latest DIY, endavour he has decided to share the required steps with the world. Multitouch for everyone!

To make your very own multitouch table, you will first need some form of clear material to create your own "surface"–be it glass, acrylic, or anything else that’s suitable. Once you have that, you will need something to prop your ‘surface’ on to (Seth simply uses two chairs). Other required materials include a mirror, an infrared camera, and a projector. Oh, and you will need a computer of course.

Once you’re all set up, the neat homemade magic can begin. The infrared camera gets the touch fun started, identifying your fingers and detecting when they come into contact with your chosen surface. The image of your fingers is then quickly sent to the atttached computer and processed. As you can see in Seth’s demonstration, below the result is fairly accurate; it even allows for some flinging of Angry Birds with a decent level of precision:

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