Communication, digital marketing and interactive advertising

For interactive digital communication includes an innovative form of communication through which the recipient of the communication personally chooses to receive such information in a given time.
This is because of digital stations that allow you to make specific selections of the options available information.
This form of communication, therefore, differs considerably from the dynamic communication (and traditional), which provides variable message but not user selectable.

The devices

Interactive window
Thanks to a special sensitive film, applied on a glass exterior, you can select the menu of information displayed on the monitor screen or holographic – whose images are generated from a rear projection system.

Interactive Kiosks
Panels with touch screen, located in areas with high transit, are provided with graphical elements (images, text, video) and shows very specific and detailed information of the product or service in relation to digital communication on the display.

Frames Touchscreen
To this end, interactive simple frames are also available, which make ‘touch screen’ monitor any traditional

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