Dell’s IPS and multitouch ST2220T finally shipping to tilting monitor seekers


Well, it took a bit longer than we anticipated for Dell’s glorious 21.5-inch multitouch ST2220T monitor with an IPS panel to roll into e-tailers — last we had heard it was planned for late Fall 2010 — but we promise you, this one is better late than never. The 1920 x 1080-resolution display is finally available through both Dell and LogicBuy, and if you’re anything like us, just a glance at the picture above has you figuring out just how quickly you can get together €.349 VAT included. Naturally, the IPS display is said to provide extra wide viewing angles, but perhaps even more enticing is the monitor’s A-frame stand, which tilts the screen forward, backward and even flat. Put that all together with its infrared multitouch and you’ve got a larger than life tablet for gaming and watching Netflix. So, you blowing some of that Christmas cash or what?

dell st2220t ready for interactive window


source engadget

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