Digital shop window and digital boutique


The clothing boutique, a symbol of innovation in tastes and fashion trends, are certainly ideal candidates to follow the technological process. And what’s better if you do not begin by digitizing the windows?

The first interactive displays react “just” in transit inevitably capturing the attention of passersby. Among the first to grasp the potential of this computer application to present the product in store should mention Prada, who in 1999 commissioned the design of three large stores in the United States in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Even Elle Macpherson Intimates, the lingerie brand in the history of New York has installed windows that interact with passers-through technology Human Locator. The software used is able to understand based on values such as height, stride length, frequency and others, if the person who is passing at that moment is a child or adult, measures the time spent at the window, returning important data and diverse community . More recently, an interactive showcase of the technological phenomenon has arrived in Europe, obviously in the fashion capitals, Paris and Milan.

Subsequently, the U.S. House Ralph Lauren has launched clip_image001

to stores in Milan, London and Monaco of Bavaria, an innovative system of interactive shopping. The window-shopping place in the history of Via Montenapoleone in Milan, inspired by the technology of “Minority Report” by Steven Spielberg, offered the opportunity to make purchases outside the shop not only during the day but at night, year ended . To operate the system, simply touch the window, select the product you want, enter your e-mail and its references. The next day, the salesperson, which should provide the details of credit card, we will contact the buyer for shipping and secure payment..

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