Displair’s multitouch fogscreen

From all the devices presented at CES 2013 we was impressed by device presented by Displar device and its potential to bring us closer to the fluid gesture control seen in Minority Report.

"Displair is a super advanced humidifier," says a company spokesman. Okay, sounds boring, but stick with us for a second. All it takes for the Displair "humidifier" to transform from boring home appliance to sci-fi nerdgasm is a projector and an infrared camera.

The demo on hand at CES 2013 showed a Displair unit with a projector beaming Windows 7 onto its fogscreen. A PlayStation Eye camera attached via USB to the Windows PC then projects an infrared light on top of the projection. Still reading?


From there, all it takes for Displair to astound and amaze is to tweak a few settings for an app such as Google Earth or Fruit Ninja and you’re on your way to slashing virtual fruit in mid-air.

Displair was created in a student dorm in Russia by Maxim Kamanin and can track over 10 fingers through the 1,500 points of multitouch points it projects. We’re told it has won multiple awards and was even been praised by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

As of now, the company plans to have release Displair by the end of the year for about $10,000. How large of a fogscreen $10k will get you is uncertain, but the company says it can produce sizes between 40- and 140-inches.

One more thing: Displair does work like a normal humidifier, too

source: Device.com

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