Enter Kaiser interactive window

Enter Kaiser Permanente’s interactive Center for Total Health. The highlights of the center are the large touch-screen exhibits, including an 80 foot interactive wall mural. Designed by commercial art group Brand New School, located in “Los Yorkdon” (Los Angeles, New York, and London,) the interactive displays allow visitors to listen to stories, learn more about the health care system and ways of living healthier, and take part in Kaiser’s Every Body Walk! campaign, aimed at getting the nation to become more active. With projects ranging from MTV to Aflac, the 11 year old global design firm has created displays which are easy to use and so visually appealing that you won’t be able to keep your hands off the screens. Worlds away from that high school health class, the Center for Total Health delivers an intriguing atmosphere you won’t be able to sleep through.

source metropolis mag

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