Integration of Surface, Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Slate pc

Just some days ago nsquared released a video showing the integration of Surface, Kinect. Windows Phone 7 and Slate PC devices and Microsoft’s Surface.

The scenario suggested by Dr. Neil, nsquared director and founder, is a situation where the door handles needed for a building project are out of stock and need to be replaced.
Dr. Neil places his Windows Phone 7 on the Microsoft Surface table to view a text message and pull up the schematics document. 
Then he uses Surface to look at the building from different views before placing his Tablet PC (Slate) down to pull up even more information for a different look before hopping in front of his big-screen TV and using Kinect voice command to view the floorplan with an almost virtual reality look to pick a new door handle.

Here is the video:


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