Interactive Carphone Warehouse Storefronts Courtesy of Monster Media and Samsung


Monster Media, a market leader in the field of interactive storefronts, generated significant buzz over its recent work for Carnival Cruise Lines. The gesture and mobile interactivity behind the innovative digital aquariums succeeded in capturing people’s imaginations, both on the street and across the Internet.
It should then come as no surprise that Monster Media has followed up its work for Carnival with another cutting-edge deployment for a top company. In its continued effort to create brand experiences that educate and inform consumers, Monster has launched a series of window displays in the form of giant interactive SAMSUNG Tocco Ultra Edition phones. The displays appear in 18 Carphone Warehouse store windows across the UK.


The Samsung window displays provide users with the opportunity to experience every aspect of the new Tocco Ultra Edition phones. Through stunning digital graphics and touch-based interactivity, the giant displays mimic the look and functionality of the feature-rich Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition. People on the street can test drive the many applications on the smartphone. Users are able to drop and drag icons across the display, inviting them to explore the phone’s music player, calendar, weather features, web surfing tools, and more.
Interactive storefronts similar to this one have been created for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Orange Mobile, but I feel that this deployment succeeds on a higher creative level. The resulting displays don’t just showcase a retailer’s product offerings. They transform a store window into a complete product and shopping experience. By expanding upon the tried and true practice of testing out a phone’s features and aesthetics prior to purchase, the displays elevate the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition above its peers. Since the interactive units are available for use even when the stores are closed, the window displays are as much sales tools as they are promotional outlets.


"The launch of this new interactive window display reflects SAMSUNG’s leadership in both mobile user experience and marketing innovation", said Mark Mitchinson, Vice-President SAMSUNG Mobile UK and Ireland. "By recreating the user interface of one of our flagship mobile phones in this way, we open up the interactive mobile experience to thousands of potential customers who may not have experienced our market leading touch technology. We’re proud to be the first mobile phone manufacturer to bring this unique product experience to the high street; increasing footfall, driving sales and demonstrating true leadership."
Andrew Harrison, CEO of The Carphone Warehouse, said "I think it’s great that we’re bringing leading technology to the high street to give customers experience that they won’t be able to get anywhere else. It’s a really fun piece of equipment which I’m looking forward to seeing people enjoying and engaging with."

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