Interactive window with pen touch from LG

LG showed off an impressive interactive display called the Pen Touch at CES this year.  The Pen Touch is essentially a TV combined with a virtual whiteboard.  The system consists of a large display along with pen-shaped input devices that let users write on the screen and interact with on-screen elements.  Perhaps the coolest feature of the Pen Touch is the deviceโ€™s ability to support multiple users, so several people can write on the Pen Touch display at the same time.

Today, the input devices for the Pen Touch system, the Touch Pen (model number AN-TP200), above right, and the Pentouch Dongle (model number AN-TD200), above left, hit the FCC.  This is a sure sign that the Pen Touch has advanced far beyond he concept stage, and is perhaps close to a public release.

Check out a video of the Pen Touch in action at CES, below.

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