Single Touch, Multi-Touch devices and Interactive Shop Window

Touch screen (touch screens or touch) are devices that allow the user to interact with a computer by touching the screen. An output device (screen) and an input device (the system that detects contact with the screen itself, getting the position) at the same time.
Touch screen is an alternative to the use of other pointing devices such as a mouse or touchpad.

Most models use a sheet of transparent plastic, thin, durable and adheres to the surface of the screen. The area of the screen "touched" is calculated based on the capacity for the X and Y axes, which varies according to the point where contact occurs.
touch screenThe touchscreen technology is widely used on high-end mobile phones (smartphones and PDAs) to GPS receivers, but also on ATMs and cash registers.
The Multi-Touch unlike the touch screen to collect a single point on the screen allow you to detect multiple touches at the same time and then allow a series of operations moving, magnification etc. 

It is possible to transform into  Multi-Touch or touchscreen any LCD and plasma TVs, with special frames that are in our section on types of installation of interactive displays.

Our interactive window is ready for both single and multi touch device.

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