The information never closes its windows

From today, every shop of any kind can communicate with customers 24 hours on 24, seven days a week, thanks to the interactive display.

You can convey all the information you want through the window of a shop or office through the interactive display, visitors can browse through all the media that it was decided to make available.

The interactive display through the touch screen system, transforms a room into an interactive site where users can access information through the touch of a hand.

The interactive display is designed to bring the score that is outside of the store was given the opportunity to interact with it, choosing what to watch and that the information received, leaving their data to be contacted or participating in competitions.

This way the person can also book sleepless at 3 am your trip or simply refer to all offers by interacting with the window of a travel agency, the same way as married couples in search of houses to buy or students looking for rooms in rent can consult the database

estate agents in a simple and intuitive.

clip_image002The advantage thus becomes twofold: on one hand the supply is always available and always up to date and secondly the demand increase, given the chance to see the interactive shop window almost no sleep.

The solution is available in different sizes and is applicable both to LCD / plasma screens for rear projection. The software interface allows you to provide information in multiple languages, and without limitations.

When nobody uses the system, you can convey through a screen, the media schedule defined.

With new technologies we can expand the opportunities for communication, causing the visitors a high emotional level that will promote the corporate image and expand the number of potential contacts

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