The Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2013 Conference

We just received an email from Luis Cabrera (former Surface SDK Platform Program Manager), a person whom we respect very much from the professional point of view and we believe is one of the leading figures in the NUI world, in which he invited us to attend the Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces  2013 Conference.


He was saying about the event:

I have been to the conference 2 times before (once in Japan and once in Germany), and in both cases it was an amazing experience. It was like drinking from a fire-hose trying to absorve all the latest research in surface and tabletop computing.

A proposal that you can not refuse then! Definitely we will attend the event and given the assumptions we would encourage you all to participate. 
We hope to meet you all there, it would be great to talk together about NUI.

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