The World’s Highest Resolution Interactive Display at Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas


The economy might perhaps be down in Vegas. It’s quite possible considering the effects of ‘recession’ is felt everywhere around the world. However, poor economy doesn’t seem to deter the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas. They have come up with an 18 foot wide super HD multi-user multitouch display that has been considered as the world’s highest resolution interactive display, which is available to the public.

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The features for this giant screen include a 3 HD projectors. It has over 100 4K-6K images/videos, all of them being displayed simultaneously. Deep zooming is not required as everything is in real time. The new 18-foot long wall scales across GPUs seamlessly. The display can allocate only up to 6 users but if there are only one or two users, then they get it equally.

However, when third user moves in, the workspace is dynamically allocated. Users can search by various music genres, the year and location of the actual piece of video memorabilia with image resolution upwards of 12 megapixels. 3D multitouch holograms, crazy building projections and an 8-by-4-foot Missile Commanding-playing multitouch wall are some of the Obscura Digital creation that you might have seen before.

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