UX Week Designing Natural Interfaces: Adventures in Touchscreen, Multi-touch, and Multi-use

Multi-touch is certainly one of the most talked-about interaction paradigms of the past two years, but even single-touch screens and the burgeoning trend of multi-user interfaces represent significant interface design challenges. Removing the mouse, the keyboard, and even menus and buttons from the user experience might seem radical, but therein lies the path to the natural user interface, or NUI, which could herald a major shift in interface design. But what’s all this good for? Who benefits? And in what contexts does it make sense? Darren David and Nathan Moody, principals from Stimulant, will talk about how they got into this field, how they design and develop such experiences, and share their learnings from creating touchwalls, see-through touchscreens, mobile experiences, and much more.

Ma tutto questo a cosa serve? A chi giova? E in quali contesti ha senso? Darren e Nathan David Moody, di stimolant, parleranno di come sono arrivati ​​in questo campo, il modo in cui progettare e sviluppare tali esperienze, e condividere i propri apprendimenti da touchwalls creare, vetrine interattive, esperienze mobile, e molto altro.

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