Columbia Sportswear and interactive window

Another successful project carried out by Columbia Sportswear, which inserts the interactive displays as a business tool.

With interactive displays the stores are open 24 hours a Columbia 24 and customers can have all the information they want on the huge range of products from the house.

Columbia Sportswear Founded in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world and a leading seller of skiwear in the United States. Long established as a world leader in the production of quality clothing, Columbia most recently opened stores branded as part of its direct-to-consumer retail strategy and push to build brand awareness. The interactive display is a central element of this strategy, allowing consumers to interact with the brand in a fun and highly interactive.

The interactive display allows customers to bottle other functions, to sign up for a loyalty program.

The interactive display also allows you to get information about the pioneers of Columbia ‘”Greater Outdoors’, sponsored athletes who inspired and promoted by the company for their unique passion in pursuing outdoor activities.

The pioneers are on the screen and static signs around the screen, in all the pictures wearing the same products featured on screen. Users can touch the photo of a pioneer, discover more about this athlete and what products he uses.

The projects have been very successful for Columbia Sportswear and the interactive display is still receiving a lot of attention. Columbia was satisfied with the traffic measured; people also experience the return to cabinet. Because of this success, the company has expanded the project to its Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and plans to implement the display in its retail store in Germany next year.
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