Microsoft Surface Financial Services

Microsoft Surface Financial Services application is a joint development between Microsoft and Razorfish. It is an innovative and engaging solution to present banking products to customers within a rich multi-touch experience. It is the first application to receive the official Surface certification and is now available on the Surface partner community site. Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of the key features of the application.

The experience is deployed in the lobby of bank branch locations. The application introduces you to the full range of financial products by guiding you through the process of selecting the financial products or life tasks that represent the 360-degree view of your financial world. While waiting for a bank associate, the Surface application can begin the process of education and can provide a rich interactive and engaging experience compared to traditional financial brochures and inserts.

Various bowls of tokens are provided at each Surface table – the tokens are customizable, cheap and easy to produce. The tokens not only drive the experience on Surface through the use of object recognition – they also serve to provide a branding piece that customers will take out of the bank location. The tokens serve as a topic of discussion with friends and family about the Surface experience at the banking location – this makes the experience inherently “social” by encouraging word-of-mouth discussions around the application and the financial services products. The tokens also serve as a reminder to the customer to get in touch with their bank representative – this can be encouraged by providing the bank branch phone numbers on each token.

As the customer interacts with the application, they are guided through the process of  building their financial profile from the broad array of financial services products. Once a banking associate is available, they can sit with the customer and begin discussing the products that are of interest to the customer. The application takes advantage of the social aspects of Microsoft Surface by allowing for collaboration between the customer and bank executive through the use of user experience design concepts. Interactive content like videos and financial calculators are provided in the experience with the ability to extend the Surface content through the use of mobile integration and email.

Another benefit of this application is the use of existing bank collateral, like mortgage brochures, which can be easily be tagged and recognized by Surface, to drive an interactive mortgage calculator experience. In addition, direct mail campaigns can integrate into the Surface experience by tagging the individual mailer items. When customers bring in the mailer campaigns, they receive a personalized experience. The integration with direct mail can drive increased traffic into bank branch locations. In addition, direct mail campaign conversions are measurable through the use of tracking and analytics built into the Surface application.

Another important purchasing decision around bank services is determining where bank branch and ATM locations exist within the community. Through the use of an interactive map, customers can be reassured that bank branch and ATM locations exist close to their home and workplace. Locations on the map provide additional information, including the street address and hours-of-operation of each branch.

Stay tuned for a future video regarding the strategy, user experience and technology considerations that went into making the Microsoft Surface Financial Services experience.


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