bePresenter and PixelSense at 2nd JRC ECML Workshop: Map Interaction

It’s with great pleasure that on 11th and 12th October we attended the 2nd JRC ECML Workshop: Interaction Map (here you can download the brochure of the event) of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

The workshop was held in the new control room crisis JRC inaugurated President Barraso last March 16

For the occasion, we have developed a POC in collaboration with scientists at the center through which the participants of the workshop who personified the authorities in the control room in a crisis simulation where with the help of our PixelSense were decided dislocations forces in ‘area affected by the crisis.

Thanks to our application PixelSense and delegates were able to interact with the mapping software deciding how the public would have had to evacuate the area affected by the disaster and how the forces stationed on the territory should interact to facilitate the discharge together with the various possible actions aimed to stem the disaster.

It was a truly unique experience that gave us the opportunity to test the potential of a collaboration tool which PixelSense only in the context of real life.

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