Introducing Cohorts for App Developers

CollaBoard Featured at Build as first Dev Team using Cohorts

Earlier this year, we started the Windows Insiders Cohorts Program to connect and engage with Insiders within certain demographics (illustrators, Insider MVPs, and insiders within certain companies.)
We’ve built cohorts as highly focused groups of people with a common passion or area of expertise, to bring fresh insights into how features are being used with high-quality, actionable feedback.
By bringing together key consumers in groups we’d like to grow, like illustrators, and Microsoft decision makers in cohort forums, we’ve used direct two-way communication to resolve issues faster, build communities, and target future development. One recent example was getting specific Surface pen inking feedback directly to the inking team.
App Developers, today we want to share those benefits with you. Starting today, you too can use cohorts to get this kind of targeted feedback from your most knowledgeable users.
Cohorts for app developers will be curated, Microsoft-supported focus groups of Windows Insiders who use your app in their everyday work and lives. You won’t have to worry about infrastructure or maintaining your new engagement channel — we’ll take care of that for you. Your cohorts will be able to discuss their needs and pain points directly with your developers and the overall community of users. And from their quality feedback, you’ll be able to pinpoint the changes and features your app needs most as it evolves.
We’re kicking off cohorts as a service with a pilot cohort for CollaBoard, a digital whiteboard and real-time virtual workplace to help transform how your team works.
If you’re interested in getting started with cohorts, just sign up here. You’ll need to be a Windows Insider to use cohorts, which you can join here.
We look forward to connecting you with even more quality feedback!

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